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2012 10 16 12 19 35 80Upon graduation from Southern Regional High School in Manahawkin, New Jersey, I was accepted into the PreMed Program of Juniata College. However, due to the financial constraints of my family, and despite scholarships and grants, it was necessary for me to work one year before attending Juniata College.  At Juniata I majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. In my senior year I was accepted at Temple University Medical School. Initially my goal was to become a neurosurgeon. This changed during my second year in medical school when I took the course in Pathology. I was absolutely fascinated as to how the various diseases affected the organs of the human body, and the changes they produced grossly, microscopically, and at the molecular level. My interest in the brain also changed from a neurosurgical interest, to an interest in how diseases affected the brain both grossly and at the microscopic and molecular level. It became apparent to me to pursue the discipline of Pathology I needed a firm foundation in Internal Medicine. To lay that foundation, upon completion of medical school, I did a Straight Medicine Internship at Temple University Hospital. On completion of the Straight Medicine Internship, I entered the four year Pathology Residency Program at Temple University Hospital, spending two years in Anatomic Pathology and two years in Clinical Pathology. During these four years I spent nine months at the Fels Institute of Cancer Research and three months in the Pathology Department of St. Christopher's Children's Hospital.

Upon completion of my Pathology Residency I entered the USAF for the required two years of military service, spending one year as Chief of Laboratory Services at Westover Regional Hospital and one year as Chief of Laboratory Services at Langley Regional Hospital. It was during my year at Westover I met a nurse by the name of Joyce.  Joyce and I got married one year later. It was also during my tour of duty at Westover, I developed an interest in Forensic Pathology. Westover had a B-52 Bomber Wing, which was used to bomb North Vietnam to encourage them to come to the negotiating table. Westover Regional Hospital also served as one of the hospitals, which took care of the POWs. There was  an incident involving two Air Force Security Personnel who where serving as guards at one of the gates to the base. They decided to play a game forgetting the weapons they were carrying were not toy guns. Unfortunately, one ended up shooting the other.

Following my required two years of military service, I was offered a one year Fellowship in Forensic Pathology at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, DC. Upon completion of the Forensic Pathology Fellowship and due to my interest in Neuropathology, I then did a two year Fellowship in Neuropathology at the Institute, during which I was fortunate enough to receive my training in Neuropathology by Dr. Kenneth Earl, who was one of the World's foremost authorities in Neuropathology. During these two years I also had the good fortune to attend the Brain Cutting Conferences at the Maryland States Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore given by Dr. Richard Lindenberg, who was the recognized authority in Forensic Neuropathology in this country. Upon completion of my Fellowship in Neuropathology at the Institute, I was offered the Neuropathology position at the Cleveland Clinic. While at the Cleveland Clinic I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Lester Adelson, Pathologist and Chief Deputy Coroner, Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office and Professor of Forensic Pathology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine at one of the Cleveland Society of Pathologists Meetings. Dr. Adelson also authored one of the most respected textbooks in Forensic Pathology, "The Pathology of Homicide." Dr. Adelson encouraged me to continue with my interest in Forensic Pathology, pointing out I could be of great help to the community. It was with Dr. Adelson's encouragement that I continued with my interest in Forensic Pathology as well as Forensic Neuropathology.

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