Does Post-Concussion Syndrome Commonly Occur in Children

In the highly regarded Neurology Textbook, “Principles of Neurology,” by Adams and Victor, tenth edition, it is stated post-concussion syndrome is virtually unknown in children. However, a careful search of the scientific neuropathology literature suggest otherwise.

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Definition of Post-concussion syndrome (PCS)

A name given to symptoms that develop following a concussion, which persist for an extended time. Most concussions in children resolve in 7-10 days.

General Information

Most children and adolescent athletes return to their normal activities within two weeks. Those who develop post-concussion syndrome have symptoms, such as tiredness, headache, memory loss, dizziness, irritability, poor attention, depression, difficulty in concentration, sleep problems, and personality changes that last for at least one month. Continue reading Does Post-Concussion Syndrome Commonly Occur in Children

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