Forensic Pathology Consultant - Expert Witness

I am a Forensic Pathologist and Neuropathologist with over 36 years of experience and four Board Certifications: Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Forensic Pathology and Neuropathology. My decades of experience as a surgical pathologist and neuropathologist allow me to apply my skilled perspective as a forensic pathology consultant to a number of medical, civil and criminal cases.

I have served as the Neuropathologist and Surgical Pathologist for the Cleveland Clinic, the Director of the Pathology Department for St. Thomas Medical Center, the Summit County Coroner, Director of Gennan Corporation (DNA Fingerprint Laboratory), Forensic Pathologist and Neuropathologist for the Franklin County Coroner's Office on the grounds of The Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, the Director of the Forensic Pathology Fellowship Program at the Franklin County Coroner's Office, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Rhode Island's Medical Examiner's Office and the Acting Chief Medical Examiner for the Rhode Island Medical Examiner's Office.

I have taught at Temple University Hospital, The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, St. Thomas Medical Center, The Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine,  The University of Akron, Kent State University, The Ohio State University at the undergraduate level, The Ohio State University Medical Center at the Graduate level, the Franklin County Coroner's Office, The Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Medical Examiner's Office for the State of Rhode Island, and Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital.

At the request of the Chair of the Pathology Department, Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital, I developed and Educational Blog,, which addressed two disciplines, Forensic Pathology and Neuropathology.  This blog was for medical students and pathology residents, as well as trauma physicians, ER nurses, forensic nurses, medicolegal investigators, attorneys and law enforcement personnel.  It posted its first article/monograph in September of 2009.  At the time of its replacement in October of 2015 by the website, it had 28 articles/monographs and had been used in 109 countries per WordPress.  The new website, posted its first monograph, "Traumatic Injuries to the Head, Vertebrae, Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves of the Newborn During Birth" on October 16, 2015.  Also posted on the same date under the heading of Other Writings was, "Critical Values Established in Isolation without appropriate Escalation Policies or Sophisticated Algorithms can lead to Tragic Consequences."

Over the past 35 years I have worked as a forensic pathology consultant in both Criminal Cases and Civil Cases, in this country as well as other countries.

If you would like to discuss how my services as a forensic pathology consultant can benefit you please contact me.